bsf fashion label designs > bsf man and bsf woman
BSF Beatrice San Francisco Fashion Label Ibiza  

bsf fashion label designs > bsf man and bsf woman

Beatrice San Francisco - Collection of Fashion Label Designs

The family of designers at Beatrice San Francisco, each year express their exact feel for fashion and style through their designs and present 2 fashion collections, BSF MAN and BSF WOMAN, with a basic line for each, produced in Spain and available all over Europe, while their exclusive collection for each is unique and solely created for the fashion shows.

BSF WOMAN - Women's Fashion Label Designs

Beatrice and Djamila design today's women collection for BSF WOMAN together.
Their distinctive collections of knitwear are inspired by nature and have a bohemian ethnic style characterized by asymmetric designs of remarkable, multifunctional pieces, mainly manufactured from cotton in natural colours with golden and silver yarns incorporated. The pieces are comfortable, feminine, sexy and multi-use, and one can wear the same piece anywhere, in different ways, either to yoga, around the house or for a night out, they are designed for all ages, all sizes and all occasions.

Over the years they've created unique designs for special celebrations, such as weddings and also their kids fashion was much appreciated.


One of their unique designs, drawing much attention, is the Poncho skirt, offering more than five ways of wearing it.


The wearable BSF designs attract many people today since they unite confidence, individuality and sexy in a pure style, the Ibiza Style.

Natalia Aestene, the fashion blogger of OnIbizaClouds is a big fan of BSF
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